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Since its inception as a parish, CCBC has held Mission and Outreach as a core value. We strive to live up to our commitment to “serve God’s world” by deepening our relationships with our partners in Mission, by advocating social justice, by engaging actively in service projects and by making significant financial contributions. To that end CCBC sets aside 10% of general givings to support this work. It is also important to us to build relationships with our partners and we do this through exchanges on priorities and needs, more “hands-on” experiences, and feedback on how our engagement with them can make a difference.

We respond to humanitarian needs by setting aside funds each year so as to respond to international and national emergencies such as natural disasters as quickly as possible.

It is the responsibility of the Mission and Outreach committee to do advocacy and education work, informing parishioners of matters requiring our Christian attention and seeking opportunities for discussion and action.

Some of our local partners include:

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