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Children & Youth



We welcome all children, birth to age three, and their parents to our nursery. We have created a warm, safe, and comfortable environment for the youngest members of our parish adjacent to our Church school rooms. While we no longer staff our nursery weekly, we invite all parents of infants and toddlers to use the space, as needed, during Sunday services.

Christ Church Bells Corners welcomes children, ages 3 to 13, to our weekly Sunday church school program. This in-person program is team-taught by well-trained teachers commissioned for this vital ministry. All children gather together at 10:00 am to hear a Bible lesson interpreted by our weekly storyteller. After listening to the story and sharing their thoughts and questions, the children are then invited to respond through visual arts, music, games, and movement.

By offering a variety of avenues through which the children can express their understanding of Scripture, we hope to ignite their imagination, enhance their learning, and encourage them to engage all of their senses as they grow in their faith. Our weekly program is enriched by seasonal group activities, pageants, and special activity days to celebrate our Christian festivals.

We ask parents, grandparents, and guardians of church school-aged children to complete the following registration form, which provides us with contact, demographic, and consent information to tailor our programming to the specific needs of each child. Thank you!

Church School Registration Form, 2023-2024 (fillable PDF)

**Please send your completed form to or print it and bring it along on any Sunday morning.


Church School Important Dates, 2023-2024 Important-Dates-2023-2024


The Youth Group, for youth in grades 6 to 12, gathers one Sunday a month after the 10 am service to grow their friendships with each other and feel at home in their church. Activities take many forms, including outings (Silver Springs Clean Up, pool parties, bowling, etc.), Christian nurture, games, and lunch.

The Youth Group also gathers regularly for Cooking with Sam (one Friday a month). This program provides a fun, creative and unique culinary experience where teens learn basic techniques, kitchen safety, table etiquette, how to follow a recipe—even how to clean up after themselves! Once the meal is prepared, emphasizing the importance of sharing food with family and friends, teens sit down together and enjoy the fruits (and veggies and meat) of their labour, while enjoying time with their peers. CCBC youth are encouraged to bring a friend to Cooking with Erin and share this interesting program.

Please email for more information.

The Junior Choir is a group of dedicated volunteers who love to sing, share their musical talents, and minister through song to our Church family. They usually sing once a month and on special Sundays and occasions (e.g. Christmas Eve). As well, they often join the Senior Choir in singing anthems, which they really enjoy. The Junior Choir meets on Thursday evenings from 6:30–7:30 pm in the main hall of the Church. If you are in Grades 1–12, and love to sing, please consider joining us. It is a very big commitment, but we’re certain you will enjoy the fellowship and fun. New members are always welcome.


Join Us

Junior Youth for Grades 3-5

When: 1st Sunday of the Month from 11:30am to 1pm.  Lunch will be provided.

Junior Youth Group Registration Fillable form to DOWNLOAD

Focus: Children in grades 3 to 5 come together on designated Sundays throughout the year for fun and fellowship! The group enjoys a hot lunch and participates in games, treasure hunts, singing, and other activities designed to give them a chance to deepen their friendships with each other and feel at home in their church.

Leadership support:
One parent volunteer is required at each monthly meeting to assist the designated leaders and parishioner-chef in running a safe and happy event.

Senior Youth for Grades 6 -12

When: 4th Friday of the Month  from 5:30pm to 8p.  Dinner will be provided   (prepared by the youth with guidance from a guest chef).

Focus: Youth in grades 6 to 12 gather on designated Fridays to prepare and enjoy a shared meal followed by activities of their choosing. This program provides a fun, creative, and unique culinary experience where youth learn basic cooking techniques, kitchen safety, how to follow a recipe—even how to clean up after themselves!
Post-meal programming will be determined collectively by the youth at the October planning meeting. CCBC youth are encouraged to bring a friend to each event.

Leadership support:
One guest chef from the parish will oversee the kitchen and meal preparation. One designated clergy will facilitate the evening and post-meal programming.

Opportunities for High School Volunteer Hours :

10am Servers
Junior & Intermediate Choir
10am Tech. Team
Fall Garage Sale
Holly Days Bazaar
Pancake Supper
Church School Activity Days
Spring & Fall Clean-Up Day