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Important information:

All information is valid for one year and for church use only.


For all printable forms and documents, please visit HERE.



In order to register your child / children, you must be their parent or legal guardian



If you are registering more than 3 children, please complete this form, submit and then return to the beginning and fill in a second sign-up form. Thank you


Please be aware BEFORE you choose any option below of the possible dissemination of information: that any of the following may be placed online at either the CCBC website or Facebook page and/or on the Diocesan website or Facebook page. It is also possible it may be picked-up by other sites (over which we have no control).



That by submitting this online form, you are indicating to the registrar at Christ Church Bells Corners that you have understood this registration form's intention and are hereby electronically signing your permission for all relevant fields for which you have entered data or indicated via checkmark or other indicator.

This form will be retained by the registrar as your parental permission, the same as a signed paper document.


If at any time you wish to change your mind or withdraw your permission, please email the church office at




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